Of walls and words

One man’s fence is another man’s wall. Welcome to the PR politics of M-E nomenclature.

Consider the two images on this page: One is of a sophisticated but antiseptic-looking fence, the other is a forbidding concrete monstrosity of a wall. Which is the one we see in the media? If I told you that only 6% of the (to use the middle-ground term) ‘security barrier’ looks like the image on the right side of this page, would you believe me? Of course not, we have been taught by the press Pavlovs to know what Israel puts up between itself and the Palestinians.

Wall is a forbidding term, and casts a strong, repulsive visual and mental image. Whereas, fence, well hey, good fences make good neighbors, right?

Marty is a tour educator living in Jerusalem, the most exciting city in the world. He loves to show visitors around his adopted homeland, Israel. And he loves getting into the thick of any possible controversy or polemic, ancient or contemporary.

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