Beware the Tides of March

Who would have thought that this lackluster, nearly bone-dry winter could be salvaged? And yet it has. In the past three days (March 12-14), we’ve racked up some respectable precipitation. In the case of Jerusalem, we are now at over 75% of our annual rainfall. Hurrah! This is more than we saw all of January and February.

Of course, there will be the usually litany of rants and complaints:  too little too late, the hail destroyed vulnerable crops in the field; most of the water flowed into the sea. Yeah, yeah.

Leapin’ lupins!

I know what you’re saying: no way he took this picture himself. Okay, you got me.

This week, Rena and I took a day off and went to see the wildflowers. The lupins at Givat Haturmusim were out of control. The red carpets of anemones along the southern bank of Nahal Bsor were a luxuriant shag rug of vermilion blooms. And that was with the driest winter in 50 years. Now nature’s got another 5-6 inches of rain to fool around with.  God only knows what she’ll come up with. I can’t wait.

Marty is a tour educator living in Jerusalem, the most exciting city in the world. He loves to show visitors around his adopted homeland, Israel. And he loves getting into the thick of any possible controversy or polemic, ancient or contemporary.

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