Life goes on

A collective thanks goes to all my friends and clients who’ve been writing to see how we’re holding up. Pretty fine, so far. I was with my mother (a feisty 86-year-old who had hip and elbow surgery last month following a fall) when the sirens went off in Jerusalem at about 6 pm yesterday. She balked at going down the steps to the basement of her building, and we made it as far as the hallway. Ten minutes later my niece showed up, reporting she just saw an Iron Dome interception of a Hamas rocket over the skies of Jerusalem. Ten minutes after that, all was back to normal.

So far, we’ve been extremely lucky (and skillful), but I hope and pray this ends soon. Our luck will run out – a tank shell will hit a mosque in Gaza, a missile will score a direct hit on an apartment building in Israel, soldiers on a ground assault will walk into a booby trap. We’ve been down that road before. Israel always gets a few days to inflict some damage to the enemy’s infrastructure, we exhaust the list of primary targets and then start on the next list;  then comes the boomerang.  In the meantime we’re in a pissing match over whose is bigger, and people are dying.

A few friends’ kids have been called up; the army takes advantage of these days to give them the training they were scheduled to have anyway a  few months later, so the time and money spent on this reserve service isn’t wasted.

Still, all of this is in the background to our regular life here.  The sun shines, life continues apace.

Got to run over to the David Citadel Hotel – brave tourists await!

Kol tuv (all the best),



Marty is a tour educator living in Jerusalem, the most exciting city in the world. He loves to show visitors around his adopted homeland, Israel. And he loves getting into the thick of any possible controversy or polemic, ancient or contemporary.

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