Hiring Marty as your tour guide in Israel

Generally speaking, the scenario runs like this: You contact me because a friend or relative recommended me, or you read something I wrote that struck a chord with you, or you found my website and/or blog and decided that we might make a good fit. We communicate and you determine that I might be the right guy, and that I am free on the dates of your visit to Israel. I tell you what my daily guiding fee is and how much I charge for preparing the itinerary, and then I request that you send a deposit to secure my services. The deposit helps me to know that all the work devoted to preparing a personally-tailored itinerary is not in vain, and that I won’t suddenly find myself without any work, say, during peak tourist season. (I know guides who are too bashful to ask for a deposit; I used to be one of them. They usually end up living in a tent in the park.) 

Part of the deposit is returnable if the client decides (or medical or security circumstances decide for him or her) not to come to Israel. The exact schedule of how much of the deposit is forfeited, and when, will be supplied at an early stage of our online or telephonic relationship.

The balance will be paid once we meet each other here in Israel. I accept cash (US dollars, Euros or Israeli shekels are all fine) or personal or cashier’s check. Sorry, no credit cards – we’re trying to keep a lid on the costs.

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