Just in case you are interested in the same diverse minutiae that I favor. The plan is to update this section every few weeks. Have a go!:

I just found this on YouTube. It’s a segment from a History Channel special from about seven years ago, called “Lost Worlds: Herod the Great.” Take a look – I appear in it as “local expert Marty Friedlander,” although I have to point out that the narrator stole all the really good information and commentary that I provided, leaving me with dorky lines like, “Stupendous!”. (My kids loved that line, and have milked it for all its worth. When my son Zvi trekked in South America after the army, he and his friend would utter STUPENDOUS! whenever they arrived at an amazing vista. I am proud.)

* * *

This is the trailer for a documentary made by a very special guy I know (if we meet on one or two more occasions, he would go down as ‘friend’) named Eli Tal-El. Eli was a tour guide who decided to become a filmmaker, and he shot this documentary about a bunch of Israeli dormitory high school graduates, some from Ethiopia, some from Russia, who take a tiyul shorashim – a roots trip – together.

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